colourful Vibrations

Art in a different way

Décembre, 2009


Having lived for several decades in the "hinterland of Nice," I chose to move and stay in the department of Aude, my origins are situated in the Bordeaux region where I was born in 1947.From the beginning I was surrounded by the smell and feel of many different materials, varied fabrics, oils for paintings, and grapes , which my parents transformed . I became addicted to the scents of turpentine, the touch of silk and the taste of wine. It is this that instigated my need for creation and love of art in particular which has continued to be with me in my professional life, punctuated with periods of different interests – electronics, breeding, cooking and building projects and also helping to progress the lives of people with social needs. I trained in these jobs, and I declare that I am a self educated man, but curious by nature this lead me to experience learning and having a working involvement, constantly questioning myself , and in past moments of self doubt devaluing my knowledge. Forty years after my first job, I found myself acknowledging my inner self and to be capable of measuring the chances which have been given to this apparently chaotic life, but have been the soul of my creativity. Today through my paintings it is time to pay homage to those who have been near to me and supported my way to grandeur, without compromise and have permitted me to live in accord with my profound nature.

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In the beginning my way of life consisted of using pencils, paintbrushes and oil paints and the means to hold them in place. I took pleasure in using what had been used for centuries, that which had contributed to our vision of a wider world. Essentially I produce works of art, painted by hand and kept within the limited space of a frame, paintings which look old in the eyes of the avant- garde society, but I declare that these limbs of mine are the tools given to me to express my creativity and communicate the transformation that has finally become me.

After I had done some researching in the world of abstract art leading to unsatisfactory pictured experiments, I had to lose the tiniest mental thoughts and only to express what was dictated from my deepest mind. I could then face the tangible results to extinguish my doubts and, to confirm the authenticity of the results. This realization helped me visualize this concept which I name BIO NEURO ART.


The Bio aspect takes us back to the biological, that is to say the cell, the support of complex neurological manifestations (NEURO) which occur with electrical, chemical, electromagnetically Messages acting on the cells to initiate a response, (action/reaction) on the physiological, emotional psychological, sexual and exisistentiel aspects. It is then possible to give the hypothesis according to each neurological content, could be a type of messenger opening and liberating the energy to help the expression of our creativity.

The biological function developing at the heart of the cell would be susceptible to action the subconscious mind programmers able to select naturally shapes colours which concerns the artist but also sounds, words , attitudes and other topics, this is to say the metaphorical content is the exact help needed to liberate the vibrations used to give and to receive.

This sequence suggests the way to from which each artistic expression can develop and without links to all previous conscious thoughts. This mechanism seems to be coming from a delicate measure of energy originating from biological and neurological grounds, to which probably can be added other energies, not measurable or identified by the physics, but nevertheless able to act on our subconscious.

Now we have the opportunity to explore another dimension relative to the influence of forms and colours in our subconscious, our temperament our attitudes, our health and to be able to analyze the variety and integration of our level of senses. For example the precise judgment of colours associated to the forms can inspire musical melody in our mind, and the reverse.

If this phenomena is known and studied to the point of finding interests in other dimensions even though these facts cannot be explained scientifically it is nevertheless true that they merit particular attention to experience in the activities dealing with arts and crafts and in general more particular for the artist who paints.

The " NEURO " aspect points essentially to the nervous system and precisely the neurological structures which deal with the mechanics of creativity

One can naturally think of a setting allowing to extract from the brain and more precisely from the centre of the mind electrical impulses inspired by the imagination of a person. (Artist or other) which translated in megabytes can be seen on the screen of your computer. These elements would then be in turn airbrushed and coloured just to obtain a satisfactory result, printed or reproduced on a support with a painting machine for instance, or sent on the internet to enable the users wearing their electronic headphones to receive and appreciate them.

This attractive hypothesis could easily belong to an avant garde trend without finding any person contesting it, and this fact is proved even more because man always scents new possibilities to exploit the human resources never ceasing to find the means to make his fellow man work better and search in such an extent as to turn their performance to be like a robot like.However if ever there was a place to explore it is definitely the mysterious functioning of the inner brain. The everyday progress in this field of neuro sciences already informs us of the way certain parts of the brain function are required during mental and physical activity, one will soon know more or less how emotions start, and feelings and sensations work and react on our behavior and be able to allow modifications if they are needed. This research can find very useful treatments in the world of health and more particularly for knowledge and treatment of mental health problems. However one has to be aware of the purely material reasons pleasing the quest for profit for gain, which allows going deeply into the mystery of the conscious, and subconscious and allowing the use of the human potential in order to try to finally manipulate and subjugate the entire population.

Save for this little attractive scenario, there is another way for those who experience this life producing other significant neuro changes ,leading to re-valuing cognitive function, but also feelings, attitudes and more generally leading to freeing the conscious favoring a readiness to the healthy mind and enhancing the expression of our creativity.

Concerning myself these experiments have permitted me to reply to the question, how do you get in the frame of creativity, from the state of researcher to the state of finder without passing through the first stage?

Indeed Picasso knew already this experience which never needed any previous mental preparation. For enhancing a painting, as he used to say:

“I find and after I search”

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The glittering impressions, of sounds, of feelings, of chemicals, and perceived electro-magnetic senses allow the understanding of the environment with a relative good awareness to appreciate a reality, which in this particular case does not conform to * REALITY.

But what do we know of reality?

Does this dimension exist where one cannot represent reality nor even perceive the reality but we can recognize it and live it in ones soul– beyond the senses, hearing the music of each tiny sound felt. Taking a dimension which comes from the unseen, non audible and not felt, or named, allowing the entry of special real life experiences.

* Premonition

Making an account of these facts seems to be impossible because they happen at speed. They are private and cannot be perceived, felt or controlled by any other exterior witness or by the person to whom they belong.


At this level of consciousness, the mental visualization and the bad feelings usually reduced to appreciate the attractive or repulsive thoughts. All these reactions contribute or not, to making something good and agreeable, or if disagreeable, I run. The mental thoughts do not have any more major influences on the attitudes or decisions taken.
The way of life, existence is then lived in a vacuum of understanding, unified, from which emerges according to the situation, understanding, and intuitions, encouraging acts in harmony with the constraints and the possibilities offered by the surroundings. This ability reveals itself particularly fertile in the centre of the process of authentic creation from the moment when intuition is contradicted, when all mechanism provided from motivation from personal interests from the expectation of results would disappear and are not essential to the driving force of actions put in play. Freed from the egotistic thoughts, the being is then facing a kind of empty consciousness from which emerge ones creativity, that from which whatever shape it has formed can express itself freely.

When these changes become rooted in oneself, self recognition in the change becomes valid on different levels of the consciousness.

  • Physically    - the tensions are transformed into relaxation
  • Emotionally - The bad feelings are transformed into compassion
  • Mentally        The doubts are transformed into reality
  • Existentially   - The means of identification and of separation give place to a feeling of unity and humility.

From this point of view the artist’s picture is considerably reduced and his role stands to only received and transmit energy. :
He becomes the tool of the Art.

About me, beyond the influence of the ego which if I am not aware can sometimes manifest itself in the everyday thoughts, my experiences are often if an absolute banality, only born by automatic actions (without thinking) into which I recognize myself acting and adapting myself with any efforts to most of the facts of life without apparent motivation ( a quest of self pleasure and self interest) sometimes feeling clearly to become , not only the privileged witness of all the living manifestations but also the receiver and the transformer of this energy.

Moreover, this "reality" reality is a reservoir never emptying of information, enormous amount of messages come out from it without then being totally sucked and so augmenting our reality, which implies a reduction in the abilities of the system of portraying our performance. A "researcher" conscious of his own limits, eager to liberate himself from them can, if he takes his responsibilities seriously be confronted to the centre , forgetting himself to become the keeper of electrical forces which traverse his being and become therefore a finder , that is to say the contagious link of universal process. If he is an Artist, he will be able to perceive these pieces of the REEL through various or different models of imagination which he will master for the occasion. This procedure is not like Picasso had underlined.:

“I paint to reach my inner self.”

But sometimes :

I paint to reach where I have knowledge of myself

And also :

I paint to be a disciple of others. Disciple of life….

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I can but testify from my own experience which as time goes, considerably enriched in some essential references favoring my creations in various subjects in particular which deals with plastic Art. Meetings in this environment and in others where creativity is undoubtedly present allow me to think of others who search will recognize themselves in this profile.

It is obviously a human trait rooted into the psyche. It is sensitive, sensual, open, independent free - having reached a mature self identity, He is someone who is liberated in particular from judgments, of understanding , fear, who is not looking for unique understanding with his mind of the mystery of life and of others and material objects.

·He is not waiting for anything, he needs nothing

· He is disciplined and patient.

· He waits patiently until all will be simply revealed to him. Fairy dreams to become a disciple of the revealed subconscious mind (the exterior conscious) but also a disciple of life.

· He is a carrier of life and its testimony.

· For him life is a source of never ending experiences, learning, building links, a solitary adventure, a sensitive communication, out of earthly time allowing to essential feelings and needs.

· He is a lover and admirer in the unity of what is seen in the instant (no separation).

    In order to learn :
  • - • To become natural and simple, unified in himself,
  • - • To maintain his awareness on an aesthetic point of view,
  • -• To accept not to be important,
  • - • To free his will power on matters and beings,
  • - • To let himself be guided y his intuition and his capacity to integrate into the living, instead of accepting ideas, judgments and beliefs that the world of living can sometimes feed him.
  • - • To be curious, open minded and open to sciences, philosophy, and sociology, and wider matters in general and the intelligence of the universal creation.
    In order to be lucid and aware :
  • - • To see what exists,
  • - • And to act being transported, and held by the vision in the heart, without time, universal and essential….

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In conclusion one sees that most of the artistic movement has regrouped their work using either a technique or a style of similar ideas or concepts allowing those who practice an art to recognize themselves in a trend and allowing the spectator to see each type of group from which the artists belong.

The way of life “BIO-NEURO-ART” is slightly detached from these models, because it is not the final work which is linked to this title, but the action of neurological and cellular proceedings which by their previous effectiveness permits the artist to express his creativity.

This predisposition offers the possibility to liberate from the useless mental and emotional constraints, which imply assurance of pure expression and reassure the ones who express themselves in this trend, a self validation of the good side of their work without referring to kind appreciation and outside criticism. (Without excluding the public opinion) Therefore, all these characteristics can contribute to allow the meeting of the Artists recognizing themselves in this movement, capable of producing in an instant and in different places, works of equal nature, but also works using different techniques and styles, but largely inspired by a singular process. top Back to top